Wednesday, 6 November 2013

SUBCONscious Beyond Fest 2010 - Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY, USA - 03.10.2010 (FLAC + MP4)

SUBCONscious Beyond Fest 2010

Knitting Factory
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Show Featured: Download, Plateau, Kone, Otto Von Schirach, Bananasloth, Dead Voice On Air, Gnome & Spybey, Beehatch, and Bangalore.
Musicians (in order of apperance): Bangalore, Phil Western, cEvin Key, Mark Spybey, Otto Von Schirach, Tony D'Oporto, Ivana Salipur

Acts missing from this Recording: Bangalore.

Set 1: cEvin Key & Phil Western (with Mark Spybey at end)
01. Intro
02. Uhm (Download)
03. Shoehorn (Phil Western)
04. Red Eyes (Phil Western)
05. Bob Intro & Moth (Download)
06. Poop (Kone)
07. Hut (Download)
08. Propeller (Download)
09. 500 Miles High
10. Ratail Comb (Download)
11. Bell Ringoor (Download), Gort (Plateau), Spaceship (Bananasloth), Mirror Saw Dub Mix (Skinny Puppy) Mashup
12. Gort (Plateau)
13. Ja Bay (Phil Western)
14. Sklang Intro & Wookie Wall (Download)
15. Casm (Download)
16. Jark (Download)
17. Mole Twitch (Plateau) with The Eyes Of Stanley Pain (Download)
18. Lift (Download)
19. Sour Diesel (Plateau)
20. Decadence (Download)
21. Space Cafe (Plateau)
22. I Love to Ride the Shinkansen (bananasloth) & Aliens (Plateau)
23. Headband (Plateau) & Landed (Download)
24. Shemaesin (Download)
25. Turin Cloud (Download)
26. Sidewinder (Download)
27. Trainwreck (Plateau)
28. Lenge T'Agn & Outro (Download)
Time: 2:03:29

Set 2: Otto Von Schirach & Bananasloth
01. Unknown but labeled as "Flamingo"
02. Fried Eggs In My Ear
03. Beta Bodega
04. Stallion Milkshake
05. King of Drop (Run DMC Cover)
06. Unknown Track
07. Alligator Waltz
08. Unknown Track
09. Unknown Track
10. End of the World
Time: 46:11

Set 3: Mark Spybey, Tony D'Oporto & Ivana Salipur (guest vocals) (with cEvin Key and Phil Western)
01. Intro
02. Gold To Water (Gnome & Spybey)
03. Tetsusaygo (Gnome & Spybey)
04. Phosphor (Gnome & Spybey)
05. In The Colour Of The Red Bull
06. From Afar All Stars Sparks & Glee (DVOA)
07. Which One's Pink? (Beehatch)
08. I See Your Light Dying (Beehatch)
09. Eyes I Dare Not Meet In Dreams (DVOA)
10. Mothersonne (Download)
11. Sulphur (DVOA)
12. After Show Antics
Time: 48:21

Video Bonus:
clip 1:
1. In the Colour of the Red Bull (Gnome & Spybey)
2. From Afar All Stars Spark & Glee (DVOA)
3. Which One's Pink? (Beehatch)
4. I See Your Light Dying (Beehatch)
clip 2:
1. Turin Cloud (Download)
2. Sidewinder (Download)
Time: 19:32

Recorded by Bronzebed using: Sony Hi-MD Walkman MZ-RH1; Sound Professionals CMC-4U with 4.7K Low Sensitivity Modification (Audio Technica Cardioid Stereo Microphones); Sound Professionals SB-11 (Micro-Mini Battery Module with Bass Roll-Off).

Sound Info: The audio has been converted to FLAC and is lossless. I conservatively EQd the tracks and raised the volume. Sorry about the coughing. I was pretty sick and tried to control that as much as possible.

Video Info: Sony Cybershot Model DSC-W290 (Digital Still Camera) 12.1 Megapixels. 720p Hi-Def. Audio & Video quality is pretty good for a cheap camera.

There are a few unknown tracks in these setlists. I pretty much guessed the track titles for the Otto Von Schirach set. Any further information on song titles is greatly appreciated.