Wednesday, 27 November 2013

SKINNY PUPPY - Last Rights Backing Film - 1992 (DVD)

Skinny Puppy
Last Rights Backing Film

01. Mirror Saw (Dub)
02. Lahuman8
03. Love In Vein
04. Killing Game
05. Knowhere?
06. Mirror Saw
07. Inquisition
08. Scrapyard
09. Riverz End
10. Lust Chance
11. Circustance
12. Left Hand Shake
13. Download

This was the video that was played in the background during live Skinny Puppy shows on the Last Rights tour. The trader who put it on VCD added some tunes to them. However, they may not be the songs that played during the actual live performance. That's why nothing really syncs together as well as the Too Dark Park backing videos.