Tuesday, 26 November 2013

MINISTRY with NIVEK OGRE - City Gardens, Trenton, NJ, USA - 17.12.1988 (FLAC)

Ministry with Nivek Ogre
City Gardens
Trenton, NJ, USA

01. Where You At Now?
02. We Believe
03. You Know What You Are
04. The Land of Rape and Honey
05. Flashback
06. The Missing
07. Deity
08. Stigmata
09. No Bunny
10. Golden Dawn
11. No Devotion
12. The Light Pours Out of Me (Pere Ubu)
13. Smothered Hope (Skinny Puppy)

***billydee masters series vol  2***

Source\ Lineage: : Speiden SF-12 stereo ribbon mic>Sony D5(m)>Onkyo TA-RW344 w\ azimuth correction>Cooledit Pro 2.0>.wav>flac (level 8)

Taper:  billydee

An amazing capture of the early industrial days of the band, just after the release of ‘Land of Rape and Honey”.  That being said, Al, Paul  and the boys do a selection from their side project with Ian Mckaye, Pailhead (No Bunny) as well as a couple of covers…rather than resorting to material from ‘With Sympathy’, I suppose..;)
I had a pal who caught them on a whim a few nights earlier expecting the new wave band, and got this…he immediately came to my house and tossed the CD in my face and said, ‘you MUST hear this’…
The sound on this one  is top notch, and it’s a great show all around. Big thanks to billydee fer liberating it!!

Enjoy, but PLEASE:
Do Not Sell it!
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