Saturday, 9 November 2013

DEAD VOICES ON AIR plays DOWNLOAD - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - 1995 (DVD)

Dead Voices On Air plays Download
Live In Hamilton 1995

01. Ralbag (Dead Voices On Air)
02. Energy Plan
03. Brap
04. Theme From Pressurehead (Doubting Thomas)
05. Attalal
06. Omniman
07. Microscopic
08. Mother Sonne (Cut Out)

Performed by Mark Spybey & cEvin Key

The Newmachine TV magazine interview with cEvin Key & Mark Spybey

DVD realized by
Thanks by Bronzebed
Dedicated to the memory of Dwayne Rudolp Goettel (aka The Duck)
Made by fans for fans, not for sale
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This video was known as a DOWNLOAD bootleg but according to Mark Spybey this performance was actually a DEAD VOICES ON AIR show, they just happened to play a lot of DOWNLOAD songs... (Thanks to Bronzebed for the info)