Friday, 11 October 2013

SUBCONscious Beyond Fest 2010 - Double Door, Chicago, IL, USA - 24.09.2010 (FLAC)

SUBCONscious Beyond Fest 2010

Double Door
Chicago, IL, USA

cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy), Phil Western (Download), Mark Spybey (DVOA), Otto Von Schirach, Bangalore

Set 1: Bangalore
01. Change the Channel, Art Mess, back into Change the Channel
02. C.U.N.T.
03. Pulse
04. Half Cab Impossible
05. Untethered
06. Kashed Sundies
07. Pick Up Cut Down
08. Ginger Snap
09. Pair0nautics
10. improve live jam stuff for tour
11. 300 dollar shoes, downtown, sidewalk
12. Venus Envy
13. H.ours
14. Zero Girl (Sigh Kick)
15. improve jammage live
16. Dear Mom

Set 2: cEvin Key & Phil Western (with Mark Spybey at end)
01. Bob (Intro) (Phil Western)
02. Whoa War Wow (Kone)
03. Fly On The Wall (Phil Western)
04. Creeper (Phil Western)
05. Moth (Download)
06. Propeller (Download) with Cellar Heat (Skinny Puppy)
07. Ratail Comb (Download)
08. 500 Miles High
09. Hut (Download)
10. Gort Mash Up (Includes: Gort (Plateau), bEll Ringoor (Download), Spaceship (bananaSLOTH), and Mirror Saw Dub Mix (Skinny Puppy)
11. Ja Bay (Phil Western) & SKlang (cEvin Key)
12. Wookie Wall (Download)
13. Casm (Download)
14. Jark (Download)
15. Mole Twitch (Plateau) with The Eyes Of Stanley Pain (Download) & Lift (Download)
16. Sour Diesel (Plateau)
17. Decadence (Download)
18. Space Cafe (Plateau)
19. Shemaesin (Download)
20. The Turin Cloud & Outro (Download)

Set 3: Otto Von Schirach
01. Aliens Visiting Me
02. Dr. Flamenco
03. Fried Eggs In My Ear
04. Alligator Waltz
05. Unknown Track
06. King of Drop (King of Rock Cover)
07. Beta Bodega
08. Zombies
09. Improv
10. Mother Fucking Punk
11. Unknown Track
12. Strange Visitor From Another Planet
13. End Of The World

Set 4: Mark Spybey
01. Intro
02. Something Maybe (DVOA)
03. God Is So Good, God Is SO Dub (Beehatch)
04. On Ideal Wings (Beehatch)
05. Eyes I Dare Not Meet In Dreams (DVOA)
06. Which One's Pink? (Beehatch)
07. In Silence, Too Silent & Outro (Beehatch)

Recorded by Darkman. Tracks split by Bronzebed.
Line Up: Surachai (not taped), Bangalore, Download/Plateau, Otto Von Schirach, Mark Spybey.

Notes About Track Listing: There are some tracks that are unknown.  Please let me know if you know the name of the unknown tracks.