Sunday, 27 October 2013

SKINNY PUPPY - The Phoenix Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 13.11.2009 (FLAC)

Skinny Puppy
The Phoenix Theatre
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

01. Intro
02. Love In Vein
03. Hatekill
04. Addiction (Doghouse Mix)
05. Dogshit
06. Deadlines
07. Politikil
08. Pedafly
09. Rodent
10. Tormentor
11. Pro-test
12. Morpheus Laughing
13. Ugli
14. Assimilate
15. Encore
16. Mini-Brap
17. Worlock
18. Brap
19. Far To Frail
20. Outro

Source: Core Sound Cardiods - 3 wire Core Sound Batt Box - Sony Mz-N1 md
RAW files
DB raise only!
For core sound cards this turned out better then i expected. Listen to this on a good system and you'll be surprised.
What a great show! these guys are classic in so many ways. Find some pictures, some video clips,etc,etc and then GO see them!

Taped by: bobcat


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