Sunday, 27 October 2013

ohGr - The Limelight, New York, NY, USA - 19.06.2001 (DVD9)

The Limelight
New York, NY, USA

01. intro (feat. Genesis P-Orridge)
02. suhleap
03. devil
04. earthworM
05. solOW
06. DoG
07. craCKeR
08. wAteR
09. HiLO
10. luSID
11. WaTergaTe
12. kettLE
13. minuS
14. chaoS
15: maJiK
16: Frozen Sky (cEvin Key)

Line up: cEvin Key (drums), Ogre (vocals), William Morrison & Skold (guitars), Loki (keyboards)

Master Tape -> DVD-DL

Lineage: Unknown VHS Cam -> Standalone VHS/DVD Recorder -> Ouputted as a single MPEG file with DVD Decrypter -> trimmed using MPEG Video Wizard DVD and exported as a single MPEG file -> TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4, authored for DVD structure with menu; chapters set for every song. Menu has the song list.

The lineage and info sounds kinda funny, but basically once the tape was transferred onto DVD, there was no more recompression. All the programs in the line after the transfer are non-destructive to MPEG streams. Basically DVD Decrypter and MPEG Video Wizard were used to get rid of the stand alone DVD recorder menus and trim up the beginning and end. The setting on the DVD Recorder was 9200Kbps video / 256kbps audio.

Total run time: 1h 21mn 40s - this REQUIRES a Dual Layer DVD due to the length. If you try re-compress this and manage to fit on a normal non-Dual Layer disc, it will look worse than it already does.

This show is especially notable, as it has Genesis P-orridge coming out before the show starts, doing a short introduction. If the name does not sound familiar, go look up Throbbing Gristle or Psychic TV.

Enjoy and share freely. Do not sell.