Wednesday, 25 December 2013

SUBCONscious Beyond Fest 2010 - Starlight Ballroom, Philladelphia, PA, USA - 02.10.2010 (FLAC)

SUBCONscious Beyond Fest 2010

Starlight Ballroom
Philladelphia, PA, USA

featuring Bangalore (not included here), Phil Western, cEvin Key, Mark Spybey / Dead Voices On Air, Otto Von Schirach, and Bananasloth

Set 1: Phil Western and cEvin Key, along with Mark Spybey near the end.

Set 2: Otto Von Schirach with Bananasloth.

Set 3: Mark Spybey / Dead Voices On Air.

Audience -> Edirol R-09HR @ 24 bit/96khz -> Split/Joined using Sound Forge 10.0b, saved as 16 bit/44.1khz WAV -> Traders Little Helper, compressed WAV to FLAC (8) -> Headers using Tag&Rename

This is the split version, due to Dime rules. Another version was uploaded on another torrent site that only has splits between the performers. This version was split where I found appropriate between songs, however there is no track listing or set list. If you want a completely uninterrupted recording, decompress all the FLACs and combine them all into one file.

There is an alternate recording of this show floating around by Bronzebed, which it's worth noting some of the differences:
1. My recording of Phil Western onwards starts 40 seconds earlier than Bronzebed's.
2. Bronzebed sounds like she moved while recording after a few songs into Phil's set, because all of the sudden her recording gets a lot cleaner and louder at that point. Mine was located in a constant spot for the whole recording.
3. Bronzebed's recording is missing about 10 minutes from the beginning of Otto's set, which her source is Minidisc and she changed disks at that point. The 10 minutes missing from her recording consisted of his intro, the first track he played, as well as a large part of the 2nd track.
4. Less talking and other noises on mine, due to where my recorder was located at.
5. She recorded with better mics than I did.
You may notice other things, but these are just things I noticed when roughly comparing the 2; neither recording is definitive or superior to each other, as both have their own flaws. I suggest getting hers as well if you can find it; it's a good listen.

Not much else can be said about this, other than if you missed it, or any of the other dates on the tour(s), you missed out.