Saturday, 7 December 2013

SKINNY PUPPY - Intolerance - Cameo Theatre, Miami, USA, 18.06.1992 + bonus - 1996 (WAV)

Skinny Puppy

01. Untitled    

Live At Cameo Theatre, Miami, USA, 18.06.1992
02. Tin Omen (live)   
03. Worlock (live)    
04. VX Gas Attack (live)   
05. Second Tooth (live)    
06. Left Handshake (live)   
07. Testure (live)
08. Left Handshake (Banned Studio Version)    

Previously Unreleased/Remixed
09. Stairs & Flowers (Def Wish Mix)    
10. Cage
11. Tin Omen (Reload)    
12. Spahn Dirge

Limited to 1,999 hand-numbered copies. CD comes in a cardboard gatefold sleeve, with a 12-page booklet. Cover has glued to it a sheet of metal with Skinny Puppy logo stamped into it.

Tracks 1 and 12 are unlisted on the cover. Tracks 9 and 11 are listed without making clear what version they are, but the tracklisting below is corrected to reflect their true identity. Live tracks from Cameo Theatre in Miami on June 18, 1992. "Left Handshake" is the famous missing 10th track from Last Rights.

There is some misinformation on this release, namely the sticker proclaiming this to be the last live show of Skinny Puppy and the idea that the latter tracks were previously unreleased.


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