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SKINNY PUPPY - Tivoli, Utrecht, Netherlands - 06.08.2007 (FLAC + AVI)

Skinny Puppy
Tivoli, Utrecht, Netherlands
August 6th 2007

My second Puppy show and after 2004 and I was prepared for anything.
The venue was Tivoli in Utrecht. A pretty small venue for an act like
Skinny Puppy but, to my surprise, it wasn't even sold out.
It gave the show a very different atmosphere than the one in Paradiso in 2004.
Much more the 'small club' idea. I liked this very much.
This was the first show of the European leg of the tour (only 8 shows in total)

Before Skinny Puppy we had to go through Otto von Schirach, some guy from Miami
with a show which reminded me a bit of Atari Teenage Riot I saw as a support-act for
Ministry in 1999. A guy with a zorro/Robin kinda outfit and a laptop screaming and shouting
and sampling. later on it became more absurd when 2 monsters entered the stage and a kind
of battle enfolded. He seems to be a good friend of the puppy guys and there are probably people out there who like it. I, for myself, was glad it was over.
About 30 minutes later Skinny Puppy entered the stage
The show was more theatrical and horror-based (and less politic) than the last couple of tours. Off course lots of blood, weird costumes, but not as heavy as the show in 2004.
Ogre started with his well-known shadow-act and appeared after Anger onstage.
During the show he kept playing with the screen, a bit too much behind the screen in my opinion.
When they came back onstage for the encore, Ogre gave flowers (he had been fooling around with during the show) to a girl in the audience. The girl came onstage and started dancing on Far Too Frail. When she wanted to leave she was pulled backstage by some roadie.
About a minute later a guy (probably her boyfriend) jumped onstage and ran to where the girl
disappeared. a couple of seconds later they both came back running and jumped into the audience, just escaping a goon who tried to catch them.
(video of this event is included)

Recording issues:

This time it wasn't a trouble-free recording. Various things disturbed this one.

This recording was made about 20 meters (65 feet) from stage, during the first 2 songs at the sidewall, but after that in the middle, right behind the soundboard.
The sound of the venue is not very good, least to say.
The drums were way too heavy in some parts of the music and Ogre and Kevin sometimes were almost not audible (Ogre signaling several times to the soundboard guy).
This recording sounds isn't best I made because of this, it sounds more hollow and more 'smeared' than the one from 2004. Maybe the fact I was further away from the stage than last time may also have something to do with it.
Still not a bad recording considering the circumstances.

Other things that spoiled a 'perfect' recording:

1. During Rodent a guy bumped into me and the mic I had pinned on my jacket fell and hang on
   its wire. During this the sound sounds a bit muffled and you can hear me putting it back.

2. During the pause between the show and the encore a guy started talking to me.
   He kept on talking when Skinny Puppy was already back on stage and started to make
   sounds. I told him to 'shut up' ;)
   Because of this I left out the crowd-noise part before the encore.
   You can still hear us talking during the first seconds of the encore.

3. Because of switching MD's Fascist Jock Itch is cut in the end and Haze at the start.

4. It seems the first MD disk I used had a few technical errors.
   I edited them all out and they are (almost) not audible anymore.
   To be complete here are the songs I had to work on. See if you can find
   the spots where I had to cut away a millisecond or so ;)

Video's taken from YouTube and converted to 320x240 Divx. Audio 128Kbps Lame.
Various framerates depending on original.

credits go to:
Otto von Shirach:
01 - Horrorgram
02 - Cymon7

Skinny Puppy:
01 - Far Too Frail - Cymon7
02 - Hardset Head - Cymon7
03 - Rodent - Razelim

Also included is INC-made coverart.


01 - Intro/Anger
02 - Improv/Ugli
03 - Improv
04 - Dogshit
05 - Tormentor
06 - Politikil
07 - Rodent (mic drop)
08 - Pedafly
09 - Warlock
10 - L'Immortal
11 - Dig it
12 - Amnesia
13 - Hardset Head
14 - Fascist Jockitch (end cut)
15 - Haze (intro cut)
16 - back on stage/thank you/improv
17 - Far too Frail
18 - Blue Serge

enjoy and seed!