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SKINNY PUPPY - Prague Myth - Roxy, Prague, Czech Republic - 09.08.2007 (DVD-9 + FLAC)

Skinny Puppy
Roxy, Prague, Czech Republic

aka "Prague Myth"

Blackout Brap
Dig It
Hardset Head
Fascist Jock Itch

DVD Bonus:
Otto Von Schirach
Otto Von Schirach, BananaSloth & Space Rabbit - street performance
Sasha Coon
Photo slide show
Footage with fans

Recorded by: Filip, cEnda, Dedek, Maros
Edited by: Maros, cEnda
Sound support by: K-Head
Audio edited & tracked by: RodentCover by: Maros, Circle, cEnda
Photos by: Davina

special thanks:
Nivek Ogre, cEvin Key, Justin Bennett, Otto Von Schirach, Ken Marshall, Francesca, silver, cEnda, Maros, Filip, Dedek, K-Head, Circle, Davina, Rodent, majiqHD, ANTH, Bethany and all SP fans!

Dedicated to the memory of Dwayne Rudolph Goettel & Sasha Coon

Made by fans for fans, not for sale!
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  1. „Prague Myth“
    Mythrus Tour - Roxy, Prague, Czech Republic, August 9th, 2007

    In August of 2007, heavy rainstorms swept through Czech Republic, followed by floods. In Prague, there were several downpours during a day causing flooded subway, and it is said that in some districts of Prague the power was off.

    The concert was ready as planned. Performance of Otto Von Schirach with BananaSloth and Space Rabbit in front of the club was great. This performance was the only one from the whole European tour which took place outside on the street, in front of the club. The was show was opened by set of Otto Von Schirach. The club was crowded to the top of the ceiling, and air conditioning was not able to eliminate an enormous mugginess. The show by Skinny Puppy started with "Anger" as expected, and was followed by "Ugli" from the album "Mythmaker" which was new to audiences at this time. After this track something happened what usually does not happen: some lights turned off and the band stopped playing. At first, no one actually knew what happened, but when cEvin started to turn off his machines, it was clear that something went very wrong. Ogre and Justin tried to save the situation by a very good improvisation (Blackout Brap), but after five minutes even they gave up.

    Description of the event from a perspective of a man, who worked as monitor engineer at the concert:
    "That evening, in the outdoor distribution box for an object in which Roxy club is located, one of the three circuit breakers burned in the electrical power line. The result was a half-functioning bar, and three-phase motors for air treatment was out completely. Otto Von Schirach finished the show without any problem, although it was clear that something was screwed. The distribution box with circuit breakers is the property of power station, so they know immediately when power line is interrupted and can send their technicians right away. When replacing parts, it is necessary to cut all near districts off. Technicians arrived after the beginning of the concert, which therefore had to be discontinued. If you refuse power station technicians, you will get on the waiting list, and it may take weeks when you are in the line. That was the reason why concert was interrupted. Not to make things any simpler, in response to the voltage fluctuation., 110 volt transformers burned out. Not only I had to convince cEvin, but I also had to convince the tour manager of German organizing agency about safety of our transformers. The fact is they didn’t seem to be much reliable, I would be afraid that too. I think it is appropriate to express thanks to German organizers for the professionalism they dealt with the problems."

    Despite initial protests of fans, all people calmed down at last as it was clear someone was working hard to remove the problem. No one could even admit the concert would not be played until the end. After about 30 minutes, there was a first sound of "Dogshit"; the show started up again, and from that moment on everything went according to the original script. The show was breathtaking, all the hits from the set list for European tour were played, and the satisfaction of fans was huge. After the concert, there was also a meeting with the band; the end of the evening was just great.

    We filmed this Prague concert with four cameras, and after six years we are bringing this material to you as a new fan made DVD “Prague Myth".

  2. Thanks for sharing! Unfortunately, link to part1 of DVD at Mega is incorrect -- it leads to part2 actually. Could you please fix it?